Marrying in Mallorca

A dreamy table for anyone planning on marrying in Mallorca
We were delighted to be featured in a double page spread in our local newspaper, the Mallorca Bulletin. The newspaper interviewed Helen Richards, the founder and owner of Delicioso, about marrying in Mallorca and the wedding industry on the island. You can read the whole article below.

Marrying in Mallorca 

The island’s mega wedding industry continues to thrive 

Delicioso is a catering business specialising in the catering of private parties and weddings in Mallorca. The business was established in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength, as has the island’s thriving wedding industry. Thousands of couples travel to the island every year to celebrate their partnership, and bring many of their families and friends with them to have a holiday. Helen Richards is the founder of Delicioso and is involved hands on with many of their weddings that they cater for every year. 

What is your role in Delicioso? 

Like many business owners I’ve had to jump many hurdles, but I thrive on the challenge of owning my business and the rewards and job satisfaction keep me smiling. I am very fortunate to have the finest staff team on board and I am excited about what 2024 has to offer us! 

Why do you think Mallorca is such a popular destination for couples wishing to get married? 

Well, the weather (apart from July in August, that’s so hot) obviously, we have so many days of sunshine, and beautiful long summer evenings. So April, May, June, September, and October are just incredibly beautiful months. So that is a huge plus point for couples marrying in Mallorca.

Then, the range of venues that we have available. The island has incredibly beautiful mountains, we’ve got the UNESCO mountain range, the Tramuntana. We have the Mediterranean Sea, we have a cultural, vibrant capital city in Palma, it’s just got so much to offer in such a small space. Plus you’ve got amazing hotel options, obviously, for your guests. And I think that makes it like a holiday, as a destination wedding it is super popular for guests. The other thing with Mallorca is obviously it’s not a million miles away from the rest of Europe. The travel connections you have from Mallorca to the whole of Europe are very easy. Now we have direct flights from America, we’re seeing more and more American clients that we’re working with now. So obviously that’s opening up another market to us as wedding suppliers here in Mallorca which is great.

We work in a whole vast range of venues: modern villas, private rustic fincas, beautiful, perfect venues, ones where you and your guests can stay or a percentage of the party, maybe 12 to 20 guests with then other options nearby for the rest of the guests to live. 

Mallorca as a wedding destination is just unparalleled for the multitude of options which you have available. 

Do you see any trends in the nationalities of the couples marrying in Mallorca? Lots of Brits? Scandis? etc 

We work with so many different nationalities. Mallorca is very cosmopolitan. We have a lot of German clients because the connections are so good to the island. Lots of Scandinavians. The trend I am seeing is more American clients in terms of the weddings that we’re doing and inquiries we’re getting. And in fact, in the last two years, we’ve even had clients come all the way from Australia!

What kind of weddings are they going for? Finca, beach, urban etc? 

I’d say definitely the most popular type of wedding that people want is the rustic finca. But the beauty of it here is nowhere is that far away from the main road and a hotel. So it’s not like you’re in the wilds of Scotland that might take two hours to get anywhere on tiny little roads. Of course there are tiny little roads and tracks and sometimes the logistics for us to get to the venues with our trucks with all the equipment. It’s not always easy, but that’s what we do! 

What about other suppliers in Mallorca, is there a good standard and choice? 

In terms of other wedding suppliers,it’s a massive market here. We have suppliers for weddings and events, equipment, catering, bars, DJ, floral decoration, wedding planners. And of course there’s a huge range of venues. We very much value the partners that we work with. We have preferred lists because we’ve worked with them time and time again, and we have a good shorthand for how to work together. But that’s not to say that obviously, we’re not open to working with other suppliers. Every year, every wedding we’re working with more and more, which is great. It’s fantastic. Competition is good. But obviously, I would say to clients, you know, look at track records, and reviews. You know, we have professional premises, “sanidad inspected” kitchens, refrigerated vehicles. So yes, competition is good, but make sure you’re really getting companies that know what they’re doing, and have all the proper procedures in place.

If you were to get married, where and what would YOU do? 

If I was to get married, oh, that’d be nice!  I would want a beautiful countryside finca as I’m a romantic at heart. I love the countryside in England. And I love the beach and the sea. But I’m happiest here in Mallorca or in the mountains. I don’t know if it’s to do with Virgo because we love Earth. We love mountains, hiking. So I would want mountains in the view. And I would want to be a beautiful finca with lovely gardens, where there’s lots of different areas. The other big fabulous thing about a lot of the venues we work with is that there is a real story and a flow to a wedding in terms of the spaces that we use for the reception, the dinner and the party. And I think that makes it super exciting for couples. I would want to show my family and friends a really good party. I would definitely have live music, plus, obviously the food, cocktails, flowers, all of that’s important. But the atmosphere that you create with your friends and family would come down to working with a professional company that can take care of everything whilst you relax. That would be really important. 

Give us your three tips on marrying in Mallorca 

  1. Don’t get married in July and August!
  2. Choose the right supplier, do your homework. 
  3. And really work with a company that you trust that’s happy to talk to you as much as you need. 

What does Delicioso do? 

We offer introductory calls to start about marrying in Mallorca. We do lots of calls and zoom meetings as well as face to face because so many of our clients are far away. Communication with your caterer or the company you are trusting to organise your wedding is really vital. We pride ourselves on that. We are super efficient, flexible, and friendly and we give our honest opinion and advice which to people who are not familiar with the island is invaluable. We have been working here since 2008 so we know the island very well. We have the best team staff team with the most incredible head chef and his team that work on all the weddings and events with heaps and heaps of experience. We offer Asian, Mediterranean dishes with a twist and we are able to offer many different authentic Spanish menus as well. We provide all the catering, we have all our own equipment that we use for the weddings, like the tables, chairs, china, etc. 

We pride ourselves on really tailoring what we offer to each client. We don’t force a set menu on a couple and offer no flexibility. We have fabulous wedding packages, but they really just a starting point for them to tailor it to exactly what they want. 

If you are our client then you will see the passion in everything we do,  from our first discussions with you through to the execution of your dream on the day itself. I really believe in that and our testimonials from our clients verify it, and I’m very happy about that. It’s teamwork at the end of the day, me and the team put together a fabulous wedding or event together with the client and that’s what that’s what it is all about. And we create super special days. 

Helen’s words of wisdom to anyone visiting the island would be to “Experience every corner, which is different and not to be missed. And finally, if you are thinking of getting married on this beautiful island, please do come and speak to us. We are super friendly, flexible and experienced and can help you create the perfect event or wedding.” If you would like to be in touch with Helen and her team visit