Delicioso Launches New Festive Menu

We are delighted to launch our Festive Menus for Yacht Crew & Residents which will run for 4 weeks over the Christmas Period from 14th December 2020 – 8th January 2021. 

This year is obviously very different for all of us, with many restrictions on travel.  But we hope our new Festive Menu will help to generate some Christmas Cheer with a delicious range of festive treats for you to enjoy.

Choose from our Christmas Menu – a delicious 3 Course Menu including Mince Pies, Crackers & Wines to complement your celebration which you can order up to 31st December for you to enjoy as a Christmas Celebration.

Whether you like our popular Sharing Platters, Pasta Dishes, Salads, Wraps or Main Course Meals – there is plenty of choice to suit all crew and many dishes have a festive twist.

And of course not forgetting our Frozen Meal Range – the perfect way to have a tasty meal at your finger tips.

All our food is delivered in biodegradable or recyclable packaging in our efforts to reduce the use of plastic.  You can also help to reduce the packaging burden by requesting large size portions of our dishes when you place your order.


As well as our regular Health & Safety policies we follow being a fully registered Catering Company in Spain, we are also now adopting additional COVID-19 safety procedures to keep our staff & customers safe.

Finally we would like to wish all our customers, a very Merry Christmas and we hope 2021 brings a much better year for everyone.